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Internet Bingo Game

There is a brand new internet bingo game that you may never have come across before and this is the game of 80 Ball Bingo that is making big waves with the online Bingo playing community and is well worthy of your closest attention.

The reason why 80 Ball Bingo has proved such a massive hit is that the game is a rapid fire game of Bingo and suits players who haven't got bags of spare time on their hand to play online Bingo.

The game itself is played with 80 Bingo balls and these are the number from one to eighty but the main difference is that the Bingo cards have just 16 numbers printed up on them.

These Bingo numbers are printed in a 4 by 4 grid format and thus you only need to get four numbers to have a winning single line prize, and this means the game plays really quickly with no hanging around, so if you like your Bingo fast and furious then this is the Bingo game for you.

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This is one of the biggest and best internet Bingo onuses around and that will allow you to play much more 80 Ball Bingo games with all this free extra money.

They also have a large range of other Bingo games available and their daily schedule of Bingo jackpot games i second to none, check out their website for more details and get playing internet Bingo today.

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